How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work and are they Safe?

by JT Abney

in Health / Quit Smoking (submitted 2010-10-08)

A lot of people nowadays are trying to find ways on how they can quit smoking. Well, that aim is possible but it is very difficult to achieve. There will be times that they can resist smoking tobacco but when they see someone smoking, their tobacco cravings will surely come back. However, because of the innovation in technology, they manage to invent electronic cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette has been in existence for almost five years and it is a very unique device that is aimed to provide a healthy option to smokers. Electronic cigarette reviews indicate that this device is used to reduce smoking and some vapor cigarette reviews claim that it can also help remove the habit of smoking tobacco.

If you will look closely to one of the electronic cigarettes, you will surely be fascinated. This device can be very discrete and they can be very stylish. This device can look like a pen or they can also look like a real tobacco cigarette.

So how does electronic cigarette work? It is a cigarette-sized tube with a colored LED light on the end. It contains an atomizer cartridge that holds the liquid and a battery. When the user draws in, a switch that is pressure activated will turn on a mini heating element on the device and it will produce a vapor that resembles smoke. This kind of vapor is the same as the smoke that are commonly seen on concerts, theaters and nightclubs. Fog generators used this vapor for special effects. The vapor in the device can also contain nicotine depending on the user. It also has different flavors: mint, tobacco, apple, chocolate and many others.

A lot of people are already using vapor cigarettes; however, a lot of people still doubt the effectiveness of the device. As a matter of fact, this issue is still an ongoing debate in the United States. The Food and Drug Administration has not yet officially recognized vapor cigarettes as a smoking cessation device. If you will compare this device with a regular tobacco, it is indeed a healthier alternative. However, e-cigarettes still have nicotine, known as a health hazard. You must compare the issues of tobacco smoking to electronic cigarettes if you want to have a proper perspective if this device is really safe.

Electronic cigarette reviews are stating that using this device is really safe compared with real tobacco. In the end, people are still the one to decide if they will stay using real tobacco or switch to e- cigarettes.

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JT has been writing articles online for nearly two years now. Not solely does this author concentrate on shopping, health, and self improvement, you’ll be able to additionally try his latest website on electronic cigarette reviews, that reviews and lists the essential e-cigarette reviews with many tips and discounts.

Where To Get Smokeless Cigarettes

by Taile

in Health (submitted 2010-10-15)

An Honest Inquiry from a Long-time Cigarette Smoker, Who Wants to Enjoy Tobacco use With out Fearing Its Wellness Hazards

To expand on a subject covered only briefly in our smokeless cigarettes we decided to go into much more depth about wherever to acquire electronic cigarettes.

The so-called “pro-active” nature has maybe been the natural and in-born trait of humans. That may possibly be the reason for the origin with the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention”. When people who smoke realized that they might be caught off the guard through the wellness hazards of cigarette smoking, they may have thought about powerful alternate options that may be embraced but without having losing the pleasure and enjoyment they applied to knowledge with cigarette using tobacco.

Before knowing where to get electronic cigarettes it’s much better to know much more about it. The electric cigarette is an excellent alternative to the regular cigarettes. It is really a unit that has the looks of a cigarette. Not only that, it also feels and tastes such as the classic cigarette. It will come using a battery and an LED inside front portion to glow such as the orange color fire of the classic cigarette. You possess a cartridge that does the job of vaporizing nicotine plus the tobacco-flavored propylene glycol gel. The particular person who smokes this electronic cigarette can inhale this vapor and when it’s exhaled, what comes out is just similar to smoke. But, this smoke doesn’t stay inside the air for lengthy nor does it smell like tobacco smoke. As soon as you read this, that you are sure to get curious and ask “where to get electric cigarettes”.

This electronic cigarette is really valuable to those people who smoke who desperately want to proceed to smoke and get pleasure from their smoking cigarettes but at the same time, needn’t fear about the dangerous effects of standard cigarettes. They may perhaps have tried different alternate options but in vain but may possibly have resigned for the fact that they will definitely be affected through the hazards of cigarette smoking due to the fact they are not in a position to quit tobacco use. If these smokers find out where to acquire electric cigarettes and try them, they could take pleasure in the similar sensation that they encounter in tobacco use regular cigarettes.

In electronic cigarettes, users have no fear of being harmed by the a lot more than 3000 chemicals that are present in standard cigarettes. They could smoke anywhere and needn’t go out of your office or the room to have a smoke, as they normally does inside case of standard cigarettes. They’ll take pleasure in diverse flavors and may also customize their option of the flavor also. They’ll charge the gadget either directly or via their pc mainly because it comes having a USB. They do not need an ash tray since there won’t be any ash. After reading this, if you develop into restless to find out where to get electric cigarettes, it really is completely justifiable.

People who decide to shift to this may wonder wherever to get electronic cigarettes since electric cigarettes will work out less expensive for them than classic cigarettes. They is not going to have the usual odor that’s discovered inside breath of smokers of regular cigarettes. Carrying this machine is quite effortless. Those who need to continue with the habit with no harming their health and fitness will locate electric cigarettes really beneficial.

For your question as to where to purchase electronic cigarettes, you’ll be able to our weblog, They’ve the finest U.S. produced Nicotine solutions. You will need not have fears about health hazards of smoking because in these electronic cigarettes, there’s no tar or ash, no tobacco or smoke, no carbon monoxide and no flame or fire. Because your satisfaction of cigarettes has been as well excellent, you have no heart to quit using tobacco. You may have the eternity of enjoying your cigarette smoking with electronic cigarettes

We hope you’ve found this article about where to buy electronic cigarettes very educational and informative. There are many reviews that can inform you a lot electronic cigarette review.

Happy e-smoking!

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You’re reading my uncensored study of what I truly think about these new electronic cigarettes. They’re also called electric cigarettes, e-cigarettes or e-cigs for short. I tried all methods to quit cigarette smoking with patches, tablets, lozenges and also likely without any transition. Absolutely nothing labored. Then I discovered the benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes, and started avidly performing analysis.

Find the Right Cheap Electronic Cigarette for you

Looking for Cheap Electronic Cigarettes?

Learn the facts about cheap electronic cigarettes before you choose to buy

Cheap electronic cigarettes can be found all over the web. If you look hard enough you can find Cheap electronic

cigarettes on some electronic cigarette web site. But there are somethings that you will want to look out for when searching for cheap electronic cigarettes. This article will give you some pointers of what to look out for so that you do not buy a cheap electronic cigarette that will break on you in 2-3 weeks.

Cheap electronic cigarettes are not uncommon these days. You can find cheap electronic cigarettes all over the web at rock bottom prices. These cheap electronic cigarettes are priced so low because they are made very cheap. These electronic cigarettes are made from manufacturers that do not have good assembly lines, inspections on their electronic cigarettes, and worst of all, most of the cheap electronic cigarettes on the market right now are knock offs of larger electronic cigarette manufacturers.

Here are some tell tale signs of cheap electronic cigarette companies that will have you buying their cheap electronic cigarettes because of price, not quality.

  1. You can always tell a cheap electronic cigarette company from their web site. This is a dead give away. A funky or cheap looking web site will be selling cheap electronic cigarettes that will break in a matter of weeks.
  2. If the electronic cigarette company shows their cheap electronic cigarettes on the website, check to see if they have had their logo put on it. If it just says electronic cigarette or something cheap looking, it means they bought the in low quantities at low prices because they did not want to spend the extra money have a brand.
  3. Always check to see if there is a customer service or phone number to call. cheap electronic cigarette companies do not want you to talk to them when their cheap electronic cigarette break on them and they want spare parts. If it breaks on you….you are out of luck.
  4. look for a warranty program. cheap electronic cigarette companies know their electronic cigarettes are cheap and will break, they do not want to shell out for spare parts.

Take all these factors into consideration when choosing a high quality electronic cigarette and not some cheap electronic cigarette. Sometimes it might not be worth it to buy cheap electronic

cigarettes when they are going to break on you. The old saying, you get what you pay for is really true. Go with a trusted brand name with a good customer service and warranty program. Choose Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette company.

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The Numerous Rewards of E-Cigarettes for Smokers

by Julie Prentice

in Health / Quit Smoking (submitted 2010-10-14)

A lot of smokers don’t seriously consider that the 510 electronic cigarette will work for them. They believe that it is not going to give the same pleasure they get from actual genuine smoking. Here are five factors that will change your mind about electronic cigarettes.

1. Electric cigarettes do not have dangerous components for instance tar or carbon monoxide. They also don’t contain any of the very toxic chemicals often found in typical smokes. Do you realize there are in excess of 4000 unhealthy elements in a cigarette? You could feel it’s crazy to inhale the gases from a jar of butane, but that’s just what you choose to do when you smoke a cigarette simply because normal smokes contain butane and acetone, among others. Buying e-cigarettes could save you from a lot of these noxious chemicals.

2. When you smoke a 510 e-cigarette, you will not have to fret concerning other folks troubled with second hand smoke. Got a toddler or a bunk mate with asthma or reactions to smoke? Not an issue. You can smoke a cigarette all you would like and still find the same feeling while not bothering everybody with the smoke you create. You could possibly get your nicotine fix at any time and anyplace.

3. The 510 electronic cigarette does not possess an genuine flame. You will not require lighters or matches for it. There’s no need to worry about having singe markings on your outfits, forms or car or truck. Considering that it does not come with genuine flame, it does not generate ashes. You will no longer require ashtrays. You get more flexibility to smoke a cigarette simply because you need much less paraphernalia for instance lighters and ashtrays.

4. Electric cigarettes can be smoked with flavored liquids. All these liquids are what provide you your nicotine hit. Flavored liquids make smoking much more satisfying.

5. When you switch to the 510 e-cigarette from regular smokes, you reduce that guilt ridden feeling of being a cigarette smoker without the need for basically kicking the habit of smoking. You find the same motion of smoking and the same nicotine fix however you’re not exposing yourself to unhealthy harsh chemicals, which helps your well being.

An added bonus word of advice: The moment you go from typical smokes for the 510 electronic cigarettes, you entice much more women or men. You may well not realize it, but a great deal of men and women do not want to be around smokers simply because they do not like how smoking tends to make your apparel, breath and hair smell poor. By switching to e-cigarettes you make your own self much more interesting and personable to the opposite sex.

Electric cigarettes do your body and your dating life a whole lot of good. You look better, think much better and also interact together with some other people better when you do not smoke cigarettes. Even your pores will look rejuvenated and wholesome once you’ve ended smoking. You furthermore know that non-smokers stay a lengthier life than smokers, so giving up smoking is one thing that you should do right now. E-cigarettes can make that change simpler and simpler. You will not have to stop cold turkey or put on patches and chew nicotine gum to be free from of the habit. Converting to e-cigarettes is an uncomplicated and successful approach to stop smoking.

About the Author

Julie Prentice is a former cigarette smoker who knows the best places to Buy E-Cigarettes. To learn more, and to see a number of e-cigarette goods, visit now.

What Are E-Cigarettes and Why You Should Try Them!

by Steve Kolesar

in Health / Quit Smoking (submitted 2010-10-15)

What Are E-Cigarettes and Why You Should Try Them!

  • How does the No.7 E-Cigarette work?
    • No.7 E-Cigarettes work with a small rechargeable battery and a unique, safe, replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, flavoring and a scent that emulates tobacco and other flavorings exclusive to No.7. When you inhale, it activates the atomizer which releases simulated smoke that is actually water vapor.
  • What are the differences between the Micro, Stealth, and Classic No.7 E-Cigarettes?
    • The Micro is the e-cigarette that is most like a real cigarette in size and look. It has a light on the end that is activated with each puff to simulate a normal smoking experience.
    • The Stealth model is the same size and functions the same as the Micro, it is just black in color and does not have an active light on the end, giving the user more discreet experience.
    • The Classic model is larger and longer than both the Micro and Stealth and has more battery life and is also capable of carrying more liquid. It’s cartridges also last longer than that of the Micro and Stealth.
  • Are Electronic Cigarettes safe? – E-Cigarette Clinical Trials
    • Clinical trials have now been carried out in New Zealand by <span style=”font-style: italic;”>Dr Murray Laugeson </span>of <span style=”font-style: italic;”>Health New Zealand. </span><span style=”font-style: italic;”>The test found that the E-Cigarette was:</span>

      “…very safe relative to cigarettes, and also safe in absolute terms on  all measurements we have applied. Using micro-electronics it vaporizes,  separately for each puff, very small quantities of nicotine dissolved in  propylene glycol, two small well-known molecules with excellent safety  profiles, – into a fine aerosol. Each puff contains one third to one half the  nicotine in a tobacco cigarette’s puff. The cartridge liquid is tobacco-free  and no combustion occurs.”

      Source:Safety  Report by Health New Zealand (PDF)

      Further research into electronic cigarettes continues to be carried out in New Zealand.

  • Can I use a No.7 E-Cigarette anywhere?
    • No. 7  is not a traditional cigarette and does not burn tobacco so it can be smoked in areas where normal smoking bans are in place like bars, restaurants, planes and offices.  No. 7 produces water vapor that is odorless and disappears in several seconds.  If you fear that you may be mistaken for smoking a cigarette, the No. 7 Stealth model is recommended.
  • What is a cartridge and how long will a cartridge last?
    • A cartridge contains the Nicotine dilution. It comes in various strengths: high, medium, low and zero. The cartridges come in a variety of flavors. Cartridge lifespan vary between brands:  the  No.7 Micro & Stealth cartridges are the equivalent of 7-10 cigarettes, and the No.7 Classic can equal up to 20 cigarettes. 3-4 puffs of either model is the equivalent of 1 cigarette.
  • How long will the battery last before needing recharging?
    • Battery lifespan vary between brands, and determine by the number of full mouth puffs. These can range between 150-400+ puffs. Each product typically identifies it’s capacities in the product description area.
    • We recommend charging the batteries upon arrival, as this will help extend the life of your batteries.  They do come with a slight charge so you can try the e-cigarette out immediately.
  • Is there a guarantee with the purchase?
    • Each product carries it’s own unique warranty direct through the manufacture.
  • Are E-Cigarettes approved as a smoking cessation device?
    • E-Cigarettes have never been proven to be a smoking cessation device and is not sold or marketed as such. E-Cigarettes are simply an alternative to smoking that offers freedom to smoke anywhere(while respecting others), no first or second hand smoke, virtually odor free and much cheaper than the cost of traditional smoking.
  • What is the smoke that is released?
    • The vapor like smoke released is simply condensation that evaporates into the air within seconds, not unlike the functioning of a humidifier. E-Cigarettes leave no visual residue in the air, whereas traditional smoking can leave an unsightly, acrid cloud known to irritate eyes and bother people’s senses.
  • How do you turn the No.7 E-Cigarette off??
    • You don’t! The cigarette is activated by a sensor when you puff. When not in use, the battery does not lose charge.
  • Does the condensation of E-Cigarettes smell?
    • Odor from E-Cigarettes is barely noticeable unlike traditional cigarettes and cigars that create lingering, difficult-to-neutralize smells in rooms, cars and clothing.
  • What about the taste?
    • The taste of the E-Cigarettes resembles that of tobacco, but feels much smoother and cleaner. We carry many flavors between brands, each brand or product will display the flavors made available for each model and is displayed on the product page within the store. New flavors do arrive often so check back for new options frequently!
  • What does it mean when the indicator light flashes?
    • The flashing light at the tip of the device indicates that the battery is low and needs to be recharged.
  • Are E-Cigarettes cheaper than traditional smoking products?
    • After the small initial investment of purchasing the device, smoking  E-Cigarettes are  considerably cheaper than smoking  traditional tobacco products. Smokers can  save up to 80% on  average smoking costs. While the use of E-Cigarettes is in its infancy,  already there are many testimonials on the web from smokers who  have used a step down method in the cartridge strength to break free of the smoking habit.PLEASE NOTE: E-Cigarettes, or E-Pipes are not a smoking cessation product.

Cheapest Electronic Cigarettes – Tips That Make it Easy to Quit Smoking

There is no lack of abundance in the tips that are out there to help you quit smoking. Generally, future nonsmokers choose to wean themselves off of cigarettes or quit cold turkey. The trouble is, you have probably already considered or attempted one of these two options, and neither one is easy is it?

What either of these strategies fails to acknowledge is the strengths that exist in the alternative. If you look at cutting back or stopping altogether as two separate strategies, you quickly throw the baby out with the bath water and determine there is no easy way. When you see the strengths that exist in each strategy, you have the tools you need to create a plan that will work best for you. Cheapest Electronic Cigarettes

Consider the strengths found in the reduction strategy. Ignore those times the quantity of cigarettes increased after you tried to reduce. Stop and recognize that even one less cigarette a day is progress! Also, if you have figured out how to sidestep one or more of your regularly scheduled cigarettes, you have most certainly demonstrated your ability to overcome the addiction.

Why quit cold turkey? The largest benefit to quitting cold turkey is the fact that this method speeds up your recovery from nicotine addiction

. Once you make it past the first day, you have already experienced all your mind needs in order to overcome the addiction completely. This also quickens your exposure to the parts of life you have been missing because of the effects of smoking.

Consider the benefits in each of these strategies as you prepare to quit smoking

. Remember that either strategy works, and leaning on the strengths helps you quickly learn how to make them work best for you. Finally, consider both lists equally as each holds the key to your final cigarette. Just think, which ever means you begin with will bring you that much closer to quitting and enjoying every benefit that has been discussed. Cheapest Electronic Cigarettes

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